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Cargo packaging Incorrect packaging is one of the main problems when it comes to breakage and damage

Updated: May 7

Based on our many years of experience as an international transport company, we have created an extensive list of tips for packing home goods that will help you when moving, abroad or abroad.How to safely pack home goods for your moving abroadThe following are some of the basic materials that should be considered for use in household packaging

:Always insist on using quality boxes to pack fragile items;

Make sure that there is an additional tape at the bottom of the box to prevent opening when picked up;

Wrap all fragile items individually in bubble or wrapping paper

Corrugated boxes that can be closed are highly recommended for use in order to protect your belongings;

Use a lot of strong packaging tape, labels and markers to clearly identify the contents placed in various boxes;

Try using old newspapers, plastic or bubble wrap to fill the void in the boxes;

Different household items will have to be handled differently so that they are securely fastened, properly packed, and easily moved.You can find all kinds of home goods that vary in shape, size and weight.Investing time and effort in creating an international checklist also helps streamline the whole process. It is good practice to contact companies moving abroad and obtain information from their database.Below are some guidelines to pack some of the common household items:

  1. Electronics: Remember to turn off all electronics;Refrigerators should be turned off 24 hours before loading, as they should not contain excess water and ice;It is necessary to tape the inner table in the microwave so that it does not move inside and break the glass door;Check the manuals for all appliances for specific instructions;Double-walled electronics with glass screens reliably prevent breakage.

  2. Kitchenware: Fragile porcelain and ceramic dishes should be packed in bubble wrap;Glass containers and sharp cutlery should be wrapped in additional packaging;Place paper between all plates / bowls / cups and utensils to prevent chips and breakages;Wrap cutlery and utensils together in dense bundles and bubble wrap before putting them in boxes;Wine glasses / vases / crystal pieces, etc. should all be wrapped twice in paper and bubble wrap.

  3. Small furniture products: Make sure the edges are completely closed to avoid chipping;Remember to protect the surfaces with sheets so as not to scratch them;The furniture will most likely be disassembled in the truck and container, so all surfaces must be well protected.Other subjects: Books can be packed in cardboard boxes - do not pack large boxes, as books are heavy. Pack in several small boxes;For packing clothes and shoes you can use bags of international size;Photo frames can be packaged by placing wrapping paper between multiple frames;Visual arts, pianos and musical instruments have unique packaging requirements - contact your service providerThe most important thing is to have a detailed conversation with your shipping consultant when you make your initial request.If you disclose all the important information about all the items you need, it simplifies the organization of the entire process in terms of delivery, packaging and loading.We provide professional and affordable packaging services to all our customers who may not have enough time for packaging.Remember that going international is a three-step process. Required: Make sure that all your homegrown products are carefully packaged, either by yourself or by a professional team.Take these goods home from the warehouse to be loaded into shipping containers.When approaching your destination, open the goods with caution.

  4. Is there an alternative? What is dropshipping? Dropshipping is a method of order fulfillment that does not require a business owner to keep products in stock. Instead, the store sells the product and passes the sales order to a third-party vendor, who then sends the order to the customer. However, contrary to popular belief, dropshipping is not a fast enrichment scheme. Of course, this seems like easy money - you sell other people's goods and take the difference for yourself - but when you take into account all the shortcomings, obstacles and the amount of work, it turns out that it is not so simple.If you understand the problem properly and use proven strategies, dropshipping can help to build a successful business. If the business has just begun to develop, dripshipping will be useless, and if the company has already established itself in the ratings, you can safely connect such a service to accelerate sales. . Consider all the problems with dropshipping, which are not widely included as its advantages.What is the difference with a warehouse? What are the disadvantages? Despite its shortcomings, dropshipping can be a powerful tool to promote clothing brands when used properly. It is difficult to do business from scratch alone, not to start from scratch

  1. .Here's why: low margin. The goods do not need to be stored, so you do not need to pay for the warehouse, but it will be more difficult to display it to the buyer.You invest less money, but get less money. This means that you need to do a lot of business so that you stay ahead, not to mention make a profit. The supplier gets more money from each sale. The fact that you earn is a small part. This is hardly enough for marketing / advertising to cover your expenses, maintain your site, manage sales orders and cover working hours.Hence the conclusion on mandatory promotion of trade by traditional standards. You can't get away in dropshipping, but the warehouse will do it. If we are talking about consumer goods, it is important not only to look at the goods in the photo, but to evaluate it, before evaluating the contract, to evaluate quality for purchase or cooperation.


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